The Tea Room – tea outside the home

The Social Space of The English Tea Room Many of my students over the years have dreams of opening an English tea room, whether this be here in the UK or in their own country. They have attended classes with me to find out how they can make their tea room authentic or traditional. ItContinue reading “The Tea Room – tea outside the home”

The Cream Tea

A West Country Delicacy The Cream Tea is a regional delicacy associated with the south west England (colloquially known as The West Country). Clotted Cream is the essential ingredient of a Cream Tea. The components of a Cream Tea are very simple. Clotted Cream, a luxurious freshly-produced replacement to butter provides the unique quality ofContinue reading “The Cream Tea”

Afternoon tea party sandwiches

Sandwiches at tea-time Sandwiches have been a strong favourite for the afternoon tea party. They are what I classify as being a variation of the staple core carbohydrate, bread. Bread and butter has been evident on the English tea table from the early 18th Century. It has remained there, in a variety of forms, toContinue reading “Afternoon tea party sandwiches”

Tea, the evening meal and ‘the deserving poor’!

‘A Cottage Interior – an Old Woman Preparing Tea’, William Redmore Bigg, 1793 © Victoria and Albert Museum, London When we think about present day iterations of ‘Tea’ as anything other than the beverage, the dominant presence of the fashionable, urban upper and elite classes overwhelms the silent majority of British tea drinkers. Despite beingContinue reading “Tea, the evening meal and ‘the deserving poor’!”