Online Video Classes & Events

May 2021 Update. I am creating a library of short video classes and events at present. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

These video tutorials are under development at present.

These will comprise of a series of practical step by step presentations for you to watch and then carry out the techniques yourself. There will be videos available on the following practical subjects:

How to prepare your tea time sandwiches

How to make scones

How to bake a sponge cake

How to make shortbread

How to brew a good tea nd what to look for

Presenting your tea party – ideas about what is needed for different types of tea party. Table manners etc

The purpose of these videos is to provide a grounding for you to continue baking, making tea, presenting your own tea parties. It is not for me to dictate what you must do! But I can impart my tacit knowledge that has resulted from extensive research over the years, plus my own lived-experience to ensure you become confident in repeating processes time after time. There is new artform that has appeared in recent years: lecture performance. In this the lecture performer breaks down the integral steps of his/her practice to impart information on how everything has been put together.

If you purchase/rent at least three videos will then be invited to join an online tea party (at no additional charge) on scheduled dates. t this time we can discuss face to face any questions you