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Bibliography and research books and resources

On this page I am sharing some books out of my personal bibliography and reading that has aided me on my research journey. Many of these books are available in libraries and online sources. For the books that are available to purchase, I have provided links through to AbeBooks. If you do purchase anything from a link on the page below, you are helping to support my continuing research and practice about English tea culture. Thank you for your support!

Primary Sources

Five O’Clock Tea, Victorian Afternoon Tea Recipes, Mary L Allen. Facsimile of the original, published by Kegan Paul, Trench and Co., 1, Paternoster ,1887. Published by Jeppestown Press. 

Tsiology A discourse on Tea. Being an Account of that exotic – Primary source edition – Tea dealer 1824

An Essay on the nature and qualities of tea, John Ovington, 1697

Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management  – the text of the first edition (1861) can be seen/downloaded on the free resource, Project Gutenberg. Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management continued to be revised and published well for more than 100 years. The chapters to look at are those at the beginning of the book that relate to behaviour/performance of social interactions and the later chapters relating to the serving of tea and the assorted recipes.

Cottage Economy William Cobbett. This might be worth considering alongside the painting by William Redmore Bigg and about which I have written an article. It clearly outlines the ecosystem of the home, the reflexiveness of the relationship between ale and bread. Tea is shown as the interloper in the home of the worker with associated illusions of grandeur and false values.

Compleat Housewife


Tom Brown’s School Days

Secondary Sources

Sweetness and Power and Power, The place of Sugar in Modern History, Sugar Stanley Mintz 

Re-thinking history Rethinking history 

Making of the modern British diet making of the modern British Diet  

Chinoiserie Hugh Honour The Vision of Cathay 

The Best Behavior The course of good manners- from antiquity to the present- as seen through courtesy and etiquette books Esther B Aresty 

Behind Closed Doors At home in Georgian England Amanda Vickery

Empire of Tea: The Asian leaf that conquered the world

The New Book of Snobs

Manners & morals: Hogarth and British painting 1700-1760