Q & A Sessions – join the discussion

  • What is an afternoon tea party ? Is it a meal? Is it an event?
  • Who participates in the social ritual at the English afternoon tea-table?
  • When does the tea party take place and why?
  • Where does the tea party take place?
  • How does the tea party manifest itself? What food, what drink, what objects appear on the table?

Come and join Caroline Hope at her tea table in London, England for a lively discussion about different aspects of the English Afternoon Tea Party: The history, the paraphernalia, the behaviour, the food, the tea. the participants, the different iterations and the language. The list goes on!

Caroline has carried out extensive research into how this cultural phenomenon has come about, how tea drinking was embraced for its performative characteristics, the early tea drinkers could bring alive the dream of Cathay, the mythical land beyond the Eastern confines of the known world. There is much to discuss about how myths can be brought to life and Caroline welcomes a discourse around this cultural phenomenon. Each event will have a different general subject for discussion.

A The food of the English Tea Table, how is it presented and why
B. English Tea: what do we mean by this particular flavour and style of tea and how has this come about.
C. The objects on the tea table, the utensils
D. The different meals that come under the heading of Tea.
E. Why do we feel that etiquette is involved – does everyone in England think this?
F. Domestic tea consumption versus tea in the public space